Tom Young / Tom started playing guitar in the late 60's, and now has over 40 years experience. One of his early bands,"Suede", opened for "Black Sheep", whose singer Lou Gramm was soon to become famous with Foreigner. In the mid 70's, Tom went on the road with "Gabriel" (an Elvis and 50s show band). He later toured with "Kaleidoscope", who were a local top 40's show band. After touring ended, Tom played for Powerplay, and Mid Life Crisis.



Joe Jarnot / started playing drums as a teenager. He studied all the greats, but then took a 20 year break to start a family, and get his business going. After taking lessons from Sandy Konikoff (Joe Cocker) he got back into the club scene. Joe Played with Powerplay, Backbeat, The Path, then went into Country, and played with Marshall Dillon. He was nominated best country drummer in 2014, 2015, and 2016, by Nite Life's Music Awards series. Ludwig Classics are his choice of drums, Joe plays restored 1973 & 1975 Big Beat sets.



Keith "Rusty" Gruchy / started playing professionally during the 70's, with the pop rock band "Prism" in Central NY. He then joined an ethnic band, Piotrowski Polka Brass, playing "the happiest music on earth!". After joining the service, he played with the 1st Armored Division Band in underground German clubs, and on boat cruises on the Rhine River. He also recorded there on Armed Forces Radio. After a 25 year "pause" to build his career in Health Services and raise a family, he returned to the gig scene and helped "Wide Right" earn Best New Rock Band in the Nite Lifes Awards series for 2009. Keith was nominated best Country Bass Player with Marshall Dillon, Smoking Gun, and Dark Horse Run. He relishes working closely with drummers in order to create the thumping, rhythmic backbone of today's rock and country music.



Mary Beth Harper / Mary Beth has been performing since she sang at a backyard fundraiser for a local politician at age 3. Four years with St. Joe's Swing Choir, along with a folk duo that lasted 10 years, brought her to join up with a Classic Rock band called "The Beez". After two years , Mary took a break for child raising. After that she began an extensive solo career in Contemporary Christian music, singing on stage at Kingdom Bound, and recording on CDs with Fr. Bill Quinlivan. More recently she sang for 2 years with a locally based rock group called "The Brad Band". Now as a member of "Fake News", Mary is loving every minute of working with them and performing for you!